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Enhancing Live Streaming Event with WebRTC and interactivity for high-end CX


A promising media and entertainment startup aimed at delivering exceptional live events, including corporate webinars, conferences, and concerts, sought a reliable and scalable solution to cover these events seamlessly. Their primary goal was to enhance audience engagement and attract more sponsorships to ensure the success of each live event.


The media and entertainment industry is highly competitive, and the startup faced several challenges while searching for a suitable solution. Their key concern was the lack of a robust media streaming server that could handle the demands of live audio-visual events. Additionally, being a startup, they encountered significant budget constraints, limiting their options for investing in expensive solutions.


Allied Biztech, a boutique technology company, took on the challenge to deliver a high-value solution that aligns perfectly with the startup’s objectives. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies, Allied Biztech designed and implemented an innovative system to address the client’s needs.

The chosen technology stack comprised webRTC and Vue.js for the frontend web application and Flutter for the mobile app. This combination offered the best of both worlds – seamless performance and exceptional user experience across both web and mobile platforms.

Key Features of the Solution:

  1. Low Latency: The implemented system ensured minimal latency during live audio-visual streaming, eliminating any significant delays and enhancing the audience’s engagement.
  2. High Scalability: Allied Biztech’s solution was designed to scale effectively, accommodating over 20,000 simultaneous viewers, thereby enabling the client to reach a larger crowd and maximize the impact of each event.
  3. Interactivity: To boost audience participation, the solution offered interactive features such as real-time chat, polls, and quizzes. This helped foster engagement and create an immersive experience for viewers, making the events more memorable.


Thanks to Allied Biztech’s expertise and value-focused approach, the media and entertainment startup witnessed remarkable improvements across various key performance indicators (KPIs).

  1. Increased Audience Engagement: With the implementation of interactive features, the startup observed a substantial rise in audience engagement levels during live events. Real-time chat and polls allowed viewers to actively participate, resulting in a more enriched experience.
  2. Enhanced Viewership Numbers: The solution’s scalability enabled the startup to cater to a much larger audience, effectively accommodating over 20,000 simultaneous viewers. This boost in viewership not only helped the client reach a wider audience but also attracted more potential sponsors.
  3. Cost-Effective Solution: Despite facing budget constraints, the startup was delighted with the cost-effectiveness of the solution provided by Allied Biztech. The tailored approach and optimal utilization of resources ensured that the startup could achieve its goals without breaking the bank.
  4. Improved Sponsorship Opportunities: The successful execution of engaging and well-managed live events attracted more sponsors, as they recognized the startup’s capability to deliver high-quality and interactive experiences to their audience.


In collaboration with Allied Biztech, the media and entertainment startup overcame their initial challenges and achieved remarkable results. The cutting-edge technology stack implemented by Allied Biztech not only addressed the client’s requirements but also exceeded expectations in terms of performance, scalability, and audience engagement. By providing an innovative and cost-effective solution, Allied Biztech demonstrated its commitment to delivering exceptional value to clients in the media and entertainment industry.