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Apptivator – Automating Software Entitlement, License Management & Customer Care Platform



Allied Biztech, a boutique software development company, faced a significant challenge in helping Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) combat unauthorized and pirated use of their software applications. To address this issue and deliver value to their clients, Allied Biztech’s team of skilled professionals developed Apptivator, an innovative software entitlement platform.


The prevalence of unauthorized software usage and piracy was causing considerable financial losses for ISVs. Without a robust system in place to protect their intellectual property and ensure proper licensing, these companies faced revenue leakage and struggled to maintain control over their software products. The challenge was to create a solution that would deter any attempts to break the software using keygens or other methods while offering seamless license management and customer support.


Allied Biztech’s dedicated .NET team took on the challenge and successfully delivered Apptivator, an automated software entitlement, license management, and customer care platform. The key components of the solution included:

  1. Automated Entitlement & Software License Management: Apptivator was designed to automate the entire entitlement process. It enabled ISVs to define and enforce licensing rules, ensuring that only authorized users could access their software applications.
  2. Electronic Software Delivery: The platform facilitated electronic software delivery, streamlining the distribution process and making it efficient and secure.
  3. Online and Tele Activation & Re-activation: Apptivator provided seamless activation and re-activation of software licenses through both online and telephonic channels, enhancing user convenience and reducing support overhead.
  4. Self-Service Ticket-Based Customer Service: The platform included a self-service customer support system, empowering end-users to resolve issues on their own through a ticket-based system. This reduced the workload on ISVs’ support teams and improved overall customer satisfaction.
  5. Compatibility: In its current state, Apptivator successfully catered to .NET framework-based applications, including online and offline apps developed in c#.NET, Winforms, WPF, and VB.NET. Furthermore, a future roadmap was planned to expand its support to Android, iPhone, and Blackberry Apps in the second phase of development.


Apptivator has proven to be a game-changer for ISVs, empowering them to maintain agility while effectively managing the complexities of software licensing. The platform’s implementation has led to the following key performance improvements:

  1. Increased Revenue Protection: By deterring unauthorized use and piracy, Apptivator has significantly minimized revenue leakage for ISVs. It ensures that only paying customers gain access to their software products, maximizing legitimate sales.
  2. Enhanced Operational Efficiency: The automation of entitlement and software license management processes has reduced manual interventions and administrative burden, leading to improved operational efficiency for ISVs.
  3. Seamless Customer Support: The self-service ticket-based customer support system has led to faster issue resolution and reduced support workload. This has resulted in higher customer satisfaction levels and increased customer retention.
  4. Future-Ready Solution: With plans to expand support for Android, iPhone, and Blackberry Apps in the next phase, Apptivator stands as a scalable and future-ready solution, catering to the ever-evolving technology landscape.


Apptivator has emerged as a robust and valuable solution for ISVs, ensuring that their software products are protected, licensed, and efficiently supported. As Allied Biztech continues to deliver such innovative solutions, they reinforce their position as a trusted partner for companies seeking web and mobile projects or dedicated FTE resources. With a focus on delivering value and expertise in software development, Allied Biztech stands ready to assist businesses in overcoming their most challenging IT-related hurdles.