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Enhancing Website Control and Search Engine Rankings for a Leading Media and Entertainment Company

Client: A renowned media and entertainment company based in Mumbai, India.

Challenge: The client faced significant challenges with their existing Content Management System (CMS), which severely impacted their website’s functionality and usability. The CMS frequently malfunctioned, leading to a lack of control over their site, resulting in a decline in business performance.

Key Objectives:

  1. Improve CMS reliability and functionality.
  2. Enhance control over the website through additional features in the CMS.
  3. Optimize website pages for improved search engine rankings.

Solution: Allied Biztech, a boutique technology company, partnered with the media and entertainment firm to develop a comprehensive solution for their CMS-related challenges.

  1. Robust CMS Development: The Allied Biztech team collaborated closely with the client to create a highly reliable and functional CMS tailored to their specific needs. This involved conducting a thorough analysis of their existing system and identifying critical areas for improvement.
  2. Dynamically Generated Links: To improve user experience and accessibility, Allied Biztech integrated dynamically generated links on the client’s technology center homepage. These links served as a knowledge repository, enabling site visitors to easily access relevant guides and information.
  3. Enhanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The new CMS included advanced SEO features that empowered the client to optimize their website pages effectively. This led to improved search engine rankings, ultimately driving higher organic traffic and better online visibility.

Result: By implementing the solution provided by Allied Biztech, the media and entertainment company achieved significant improvements in their website management and overall digital presence.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Demonstrating Improvement:

  1. Website Uptime: The new CMS dramatically reduced website downtime, ensuring the site was consistently operational, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and engagement.
  2. User Satisfaction: The enhanced functionality and user-friendly interface of the CMS led to a surge in user satisfaction metrics, as visitors could now access relevant content easily.
  3. Search Engine Rankings: With the advanced SEO features integrated into the CMS, the client’s website experienced a notable increase in search engine rankings. This helped them gain a competitive advantage and attract a larger audience.
  4. Business Performance: As a result of the improved website functionality and better search engine visibility, the client reported a substantial increase in website traffic, which positively impacted their overall business performance.

Conclusion: Through a collaborative effort with Allied Biztech, the media and entertainment company successfully overcame their CMS-related challenges and achieved remarkable improvements in website control and search engine rankings. The tailored CMS solution delivered by Allied Biztech provided the client with the competitive edge they needed to excel in their industry, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and business growth.