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Data mining and Web scraping solutions

Internet has become a central repository of information, user experiences, communities. How can you benefit from this sea of knowledge? Chances are your competitors may already been tracking your product releases and taking cues from the feedbacks from your customers. Companies of all sizes are looking at ways to make it easier to find data on the internet. The challenge is to make the data available in a readily workable format where it can be analyzed, compared and acted upon. Therefore filtered data is of substantial use to an organization for taking key decisions and to build long term strategy and short term tactic.

We provide efficient data mining and web scraping products, turn key solutions and online data extraction software to give you market intelligence and insights on your competitor activities and other key data as per your business requirements. Data Mining helps organizations and businesses increase their profitability, improve customer know-how, detect fraud and manage risk management.


  • Develop a data mining engine, data crawler or a web scraper for your custom needs.
  • Competitor Activity Monitoring and Price analysis
  • Market monitoring
  • Competitor Tracking
  • Web Research and reporting
  • Measure Social media reach and track your customer feedbacks
  • List Building from B2B, B2C directories, local business listing pages and classifieds
  • Data Extraction from web, disparate data sources, databases, excel sheets
  • Comparison website Development
  • Complex Data Mining from dynamic AJAX and javascript enabled websites for products, prices and descriptions etc.
  • Data mining based Product Development

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