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Developed Local Classifieds Web Portal with Call Center Integration: ChennaiDial

ChennaiDial is a dynamic startup specializing in providing local classifieds and search engine services. They sought to create a comprehensive web portal that integrated their call center operations to enhance customer engagement and offer a seamless user experience. Additionally, the client aimed to improve their on-page SEO to boost local visibility and attract a larger audience.


The primary challenge faced by ChennaiDial was the seamless integration of their call center with their web application. They also needed to focus on optimizing the portal’s on-page SEO factors to ensure better search engine rankings and increased local visibility.


Allied Biztech, a boutique product development company, collaborated closely with ChennaiDial throughout the project lifecycle. We provided end-to-end support, starting from conceptualization, development, deployment, and marketing. Our dedicated team of experts in system architecture, networking, VOIP, web application development, lead generation strategy, and web marketing played a vital role in delivering a successful solution.

Our process involved carefully planned milestones, allowing the startup to iteratively test and refine their services, ensuring high-quality outcomes with each release. We worked closely with ChennaiDial to understand their unique requirements and tailor the solution accordingly.


By partnering with Allied Biztech for outsourced product development, ChennaiDial achieved several significant benefits:

  1. Cost Savings: Outsourcing their product development to us resulted in considerable cost savings for ChennaiDial compared to building an in-house team.
  2. Expert Support: Our diverse team of experts brought in-depth knowledge and experience in various domains, ranging from system architecture to web marketing, enhancing the overall quality of the project.
  3. Seamless Integration: The successful integration of the call center with the web portal improved customer engagement and satisfaction, streamlining the user experience.
  4. Optimized SEO: Special attention to on-page SEO factors led to improved search engine rankings, increasing ChennaiDial’s visibility in local searches.
  5. Holistic Approach: Our end-to-end support, from development to marketing, ensured that ChennaiDial had a reliable partner throughout the journey, providing valuable insights and solutions at every step.


The outcomes of our collaboration with ChennaiDial have been highly satisfying. The web portal and call center integration have successfully catered to a substantial user base across Chennai. As a result of our digital marketing efforts, the portal enjoys a wider coverage and has achieved a quick return on investment.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Improved:

  1. Website Traffic: A significant increase in website traffic due to improved SEO practices and targeted digital marketing efforts.
  2. Customer Engagement: Enhanced customer engagement through seamless call center integration, leading to increased inquiries and conversions.
  3. Lead Generation: Implementation of effective lead generation strategies resulted in a consistent flow of potential customers for ChennaiDial.
  4. Cost Savings: Significant cost savings achieved by outsourcing product development, allowing ChennaiDial to allocate resources to other critical business areas.
  5. Customer Satisfaction: Positive feedback from users and customers, indicating a high level of satisfaction with the portal’s functionality and services.

Allied Biztech’s collaboration with ChennaiDial resulted in the successful development and implementation of a local classifieds web portal with call center integration. Our holistic approach, coupled with our team’s expertise, delivered substantial benefits and improvements in key performance indicators. The partnership exemplified how a boutique company like Allied Biztech can provide immense value to startups and businesses seeking to enhance their web and mobile projects or hire dedicated FTE resources.

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