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Enhancing Reach and User Engagement with a Custom Facebook Application for Turnzeye

Turnzeye, a promising startup, envisioned providing online visitors with a seamless platform to design and order custom t-shirts. To achieve their primary objective of expanding their brand and engaging with millions of potential customers on Facebook, they sought the expertise of Allied Biztech, a boutique technology company specializing in web and mobile projects and offering dedicated FTE resources to clients.


The main challenge faced by Turnzeye was to effectively promote their brand and engage with a vast audience of Facebook users. They recognized the potential of utilizing a Facebook Application to reach their target market but required a tailored solution to stand out in a crowded digital landscape.


Understanding Turnzeye’s aspirations and requirements, Allied Biztech devised a strategic solution – creating a custom Facebook Application that enabled users to view, design, and order t-shirts directly from within the Facebook platform. By leveraging the vast reach and interactivity of Facebook, the application would facilitate organic viral growth, allowing Turnzeye’s brand message to spread seamlessly across millions of potential customers.

Key KPIs Improved:

  1. User Engagement: The introduction of the Facebook Application significantly enhanced user engagement levels. With an intuitive interface and seamless browsing experience, users were more likely to spend longer periods interacting with the brand’s offerings.
  2. Brand Visibility: The innovative Facebook Application played a pivotal role in increasing Turnzeye’s brand visibility across social media channels. As users engaged with the application, their interactions were visible to their network of friends, thereby organically amplifying Turnzeye’s presence.
  3. Social Sharing and Referrals: By allowing users to design and order custom t-shirts directly within the Facebook App, Turnzeye encouraged social sharing. Users enthusiastically shared their creations and purchases, resulting in a chain of organic referrals and an expanded customer base.
  4. Viral Growth and Reach: The user-friendly and interactive nature of the Facebook Application led to a surge in viral growth. As more users engaged with the application, it spread organically to new audiences, creating a snowball effect of increased reach.
  5. Conversion Rate: The seamless integration of the application streamlined the conversion process, resulting in an improved conversion rate. Users were more likely to complete their purchases due to the convenience of designing and ordering t-shirts without leaving the Facebook platform.

By collaborating with Allied Biztech and leveraging their expertise in web and mobile projects, Turnzeye successfully tackled the challenge of reaching millions of potential customers through a custom Facebook Application. The result was an impressive improvement in key performance indicators, such as heightened user engagement, increased brand visibility, viral growth, and a boost in conversion rates. This partnership exemplifies how a boutique technology company like Allied Biztech can deliver immense value by understanding client needs and implementing tailored solutions that yield significant business benefits.