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Financial Accounts management Solutions

Our Financial Accounting Solutions product – Instaledger, helps businesses automate and streamline day-to-day financial processing and produce accurate financial reports. Instaledger can easily be integrated into your custom software through Instaledger API. Over a dozen companies have already implemented Instaledger for their financial accounting needs as a standalone solution or a integrated solution with their existing systems. Get the power to make prudent business decisions and maintain internal control to meet regulatory and compliance requirements. Our solution is made to give you accuracy and security of financial data in a cost effective manner. Further you can manage a paperless office, enhance productivity and Reduce overhead costs.

                         We help you to solve today’s problems by anticipating tomorrow’s needs


  • Enhance efficiency with complete integration across the core tools
  • Spend less time managing accounting processes, and more time managing performance
  • Store files at the record level within the secure database for easy research and retrieval
  • Automate workflows between the core applications to save time and prevent errors
  • Maximize the efficiency of your accounting operation, so you can direct resources to more strategic functions
  • Ensure the security of your accounting processes to comply with today’s complex regulations

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