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Hire PHP Developers on a monthly or a project by project basis

What is PHP?

PHP is a Free Software which includes free and open source libraries. It is the most widely used web programming language on the planet! It supports major database engines like PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL and SQLite. The latest version of PHP supports Object Oriented Principles and also offers a Framework for standards based web development. You can hire Dedicated PHP Developers for your PHP website development, PHP e-commerce solution and PHP web portal development. Moreover, we offer the option of hiring a bigger PHP team for your large projects on demand. So you can scale up or scale down your PHP development team any time you want.


  • Convert static HTML websites into PHP CMS ready websites
  • Creating custom backend systems for their business automation
  • Developing PHP based membership websites
  • Option of developing projects in plain vanilla PHP or standards based PHP Zend Framework
  • Developing themes for popular CMS systems like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal
  • Customizing Magento store and develop Magento themes
  • Customizing SugarCRM and developing custom plugins for SugarCRM
  • Managing Linux webserver and maintaining your website portfolio
  • Develop web 2.0 PHP products in SaaS delivery model
  • Integrating 3rd party APIs like Google Maps, Paypal etc
  • Application migration and porting. Porting existing /custom made applications to other platforms, Data migration, Database porting, Server porting, Migration of standalone applications to web based PHP powered applications

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