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Solutions for ISVs and OEMs

Our ISV partners can bundle our software in their own products and solutions, thus giving your customers a complete package which can improve customer retention. Most of our softwares and products are cross-platform, thus integrating is less painful. As an independent software vendor (ISV) or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partner, you can integrate our software products with your independently-developed applications in order to deliver a sustainable competitive advantage and increase profit opportunities.

As our OEM partner you can acquire our product and sell it under your own brand name, or you can copy it on a CD-ROM and package it along with your hardware equipment. You can use our product for a particular application of your choice under your own name without any reference to our company. Because of the variety of types of solutions you may deploy – be they standalone, client-server, web-based, or a combination thereof – we offer a variety of reasonably priced licensing and customization options tailored precisely to your needs. We even help you plan out your resources and updates over the long-term with our Maintenance program.


  • No-hassle deployment and maintenance lets you grow your user base without investing additional time and resources.
  • Ability to provide you with native standalone, client-server and web applications for multiple platforms.
  • Increase your product’s functionality
  • Easy application updates in a matter of seconds remotely
  • Reduce your research and development costs
  • Reduce your support costs
  • Offer a solution that your customers will love
  • And best of all, make more profit

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