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Job Portal Re-engineering for a Recruitment Services Startup

Client: Effect Publishers


Effect Publishers, a reputable company based in eastern India, was known for publishing a weekly career newspaper. They sought to expand their services and venture into the recruitment services space. However, their existing job portal needed significant improvements to meet the demands of modern web standards and enhance the user experience. Allied Biztech was approached to re-engineer their job portal, re-brand it, and optimize the user interface and user experience to increase candidate registrations.


The challenges faced by Effect Publishers included:

  1. Outdated Website: The job portal needed to be re-engineered to comply with web 2.0 standards and ensure compatibility with all major browsers.
  2. Low Conversion Rate: The existing website had a low conversion rate, resulting in fewer candidates registering on the platform.
  3. Suboptimal UI/UX: The user interface and experience were not optimized for seamless navigation and ease of use, leading to a less satisfactory user experience.
  4. Re-branding: The client wanted to re-brand the portal with a new logo and color scheme to give it a fresh and modern look.


To address the challenges and deliver value to Effect Publishers, Allied Biztech proposed the following solutions:

  1. Web 2.0 Compliance: The development team at Allied Biztech focused on revamping the entire user interface to make it web 2.0 compliant. They implemented strict HTML5 standards to ensure compatibility across different browsers and devices.
  2. Enhanced Signup Process: The signup process was thoroughly analyzed and optimized to make it smoother and more user-friendly for casual visitors. Reducing friction in the registration process aimed to encourage more candidates to sign up on the platform.
  3. UI/UX Optimization: Allied Biztech conducted a comprehensive UI/UX analysis and implemented design improvements to enhance the overall user experience. This involved simplifying navigation, improving accessibility, and providing a visually appealing interface.
  4. Re-branding Support: The client’s re-branding initiative was supported by Allied Biztech. They collaborated on creating a new logo and color scheme that aligned with the client’s vision and goals.


The solutions implemented by Allied Biztech resulted in the following key benefits:

  1. Improved Conversions: Within just three weeks of re-launching the job portal, the conversion rate increased significantly. More candidates started registering on the site, leading to a larger pool of potential hires for employers.
  2. Enhanced On-page SEO: By leveraging Google Analytics, Allied Biztech was able to identify areas for on-page SEO improvement. This led to better search engine visibility and increased organic traffic to the website.
  3. Satisfied Visitors: With the enhanced UI/UX, visitors to the job portal experienced improved usability and a more pleasant browsing experience.
  4. Empowered Admin Interface: The changes made by Allied Biztech provided the website administrator with more control and management options, streamlining the website’s overall operations.


Thanks to Allied Biztech’s efforts and expertise, the client witnessed the following outcomes:

  1. Successful Re-branding: Within a span of 90 days from signing the project, Effect Publishers successfully re-branded and re-positioned their recruitment services, giving their business a fresh and modern identity.
  2. Increased Candidate Engagement: The optimized user interface and smoother signup process resulted in a higher number of candidates registering on the platform, enriching the talent pool for employers.
  3. Positive User Feedback: The improvements in UI/UX received positive feedback from visitors, contributing to a more favorable brand image and increased user satisfaction.

Allied Biztech’s expertise in web re-engineering, UI/UX optimization, and re-branding delivered substantial value to Effect Publishers. The revamped job portal saw improved conversions, enhanced on-page SEO, and greater overall satisfaction among users. With the successful completion of this project, Allied Biztech demonstrated its capabilities in delivering effective solutions for companies seeking web and mobile projects or dedicated FTE resources.