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Enhancing R&D Performance through .NET Integration


Scientific Services and Technology for Drug Manufacture and Development


Our client, a leading US-based multinational company, specializes in providing scientific services and cutting-edge technology to support various clinical trials for drug manufacture and development. The company offers comprehensive analysis and tools to streamline the R&D process for its clients.


The client faced a critical challenge in creating entirely new applications that required custom coding and seamless integration with other systems. The objective was to develop a highly performing and reliable project to further enhance their capabilities.


Allied Biztech stepped in to deliver the precise solution the client needed to add value to their performance. By leveraging the .NET Framework, our team enabled the developers to build quality applications using a consistent set of skills. The versatility and robustness of .NET proved to be an ideal match for the client’s complex requirements.

Tech Stack Specifics:
  • .NET Framework 4.8: The latest version of the .NET Framework provided a powerful foundation for the application development, offering improved performance, enhanced security, and a range of new features.
  • C# (version 9.0): The C# programming language, in its latest version, enabled our developers to write clean and concise code, fostering rapid application development and easier maintenance.
  • ASP.NET Core (version 4.8): The use of ASP.NET Core ensured high-performance, cross-platform web application development, enabling the client to reach a broader audience on different devices.
  • Entity Framework Core (version 4.8): Leveraging the Entity Framework simplified the database operations and facilitated seamless data access, contributing to the overall efficiency of the applications.
Key KPIs Improved:
  1. Performance Acceleration: The integration of .NET significantly improved the performance of the client’s R&D applications. The optimized code and efficient architecture led to faster processing times, resulting in enhanced productivity and reduced operational delays.
  2. Reliability and Stability: The transition to .NET provided a stable and reliable environment for the client’s applications. The platform’s robustness ensured fewer downtimes and minimized disruptions during critical research and development processes.
  3. Streamlined Development: By using a unified set of skills for building applications, the development process became more streamlined and efficient. This not only reduced the time-to-market for new features but also allowed the client to adapt quickly to changing market demands.


The partnership with Allied Biztech yielded remarkable results for the client. With the successful integration of .NET, the company experienced a dramatic improvement in overall performance. Key outcomes included:

The enhanced performance and streamlined development process contributed to a substantial 53% yearly turnover increase for the client. This significant growth underscored the positive impact of Allied Biztech’s solution on their business.


Allied Biztech’s expertise in leveraging the power of .NET framework to address the client’s challenges resulted in transformative outcomes. By enhancing the performance, reliability, and efficiency of the R&D applications, our solution empowered the client to achieve remarkable business growth. The success of this collaboration exemplifies our commitment to delivering valuable solutions that drive measurable results for our partners in the scientific and technology industries.