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New Product Development using PHP ZFW, MySQL, Microservice Framework


Our client sought to develop a comprehensive, web, mobile, and tablet capable Integrated CRM solution to enhance their customer relationship management processes. The key challenges were to create a software solution that would be both SaaS-based and available for on-premise deployments through virtual machines. The client needed a robust, scalable, and feature-rich product that could cater to various devices, including Native Windows Desktops, Android Native Tablets, and Smartphones.


To address the client’s requirements, Allied Biztech formulated a team of dedicated professionals with a diverse skill set. The team included Solution Architects, Database Designers, Programmers, UI and UX Designers, and a dedicated QA team. This cohesive team was instrumental in delivering a highly efficient and tailored CRM solution to the Pharma Industry.

The project consisted of 6 interconnected modules and sub-modules, requiring intricate coordination and seamless integration between different components. To achieve a successful outcome, the development team used Agile development methodology, breaking the project into smaller sprints and releasing new modules every month. This approach ensured continuous progress and early feedback, leading to faster iterations and improved quality.

Throughout the 14-month development period, the team meticulously crafted the solution using PHP ZFW and MySQL as the core technologies, along with a Microservice Framework to facilitate scalability and maintainability. With a product of this magnitude, containing over a million lines of code and 200+ database tables, extensive testing and quality assurance were vital to ensure a reliable and robust product.

Under the “BDMM (Build Deploy Manage Market) product development methodology,” Allied Biztech demonstrated exceptional efficiency, delivering the “minimum viable product” in just 19 months, including comprehensive quality assurance testing. This accomplishment was a testament to the team’s profound domain knowledge, technical expertise, and commitment to excellence.


The project’s successful completion provided with an innovative and reliable CRM solution that met their specific business needs. The benefits of the solution included:

  1. On-time Product Delivery: The CRM solution was delivered as per the agreed-upon timeline, ensuring that could promptly deploy and utilize the software to streamline their customer relationship management processes.
  2. Versatility in Deployment: Allied Biztech provided virtual machines for on-premise deployments and facilitated seamless SaaS deployments. This gave Pharma Industry XYZ the flexibility to choose the deployment option that best suited their organizational requirements.
  3. Expert Product Management and Marketing: Following product delivery, Allied Biztech continued to support by managing and marketing the CRM solution. This holistic approach enabled our client to focus on their core business while Allied Biztech handled the product’s lifecycle and promotion.


By employing a results-driven product development methodology and leveraging the expertise of its talented team, Allied Biztech successfully met time-to-market requirements. The efficient development process and robust CRM solution empowered our client to enhance their customer engagement, streamline business operations, and stay ahead in the competitive pharma industry landscape.

Key KPIs Improved:

  1. Time-to-Market: The product development process was significantly accelerated, resulting in the delivery of the “minimum viable product” within 19 months, meeting the client’s time-to-market requirements.
  2. Customer Engagement: The integrated CRM solution improved customer engagement, facilitating more effective communication and personalized interactions with their clients.
  3. Operational Efficiency: The CRM solution streamlined internal processes and workflows, leading to increased operational efficiency.
  4. User Experience: By incorporating a user-centric design approach, the CRM solution provided an intuitive and seamless experience across various devices, enhancing user satisfaction.
  5. Product Scalability: The Microservice Framework used in the development ensured the CRM solution’s scalability, accommodating future growth and evolving business needs.

Allied Biztech’s expertise in new product development, coupled with a diligent team and innovative methodologies, delivered a powerful and adaptable CRM solution to the Pharma Industry. This successful collaboration highlights Allied Biztech’s commitment to providing value-driven services to clients seeking web and mobile projects or dedicated FTE resources.