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Outsourced New Product Development(NPD)


Allied Biztech Solutions’ core focus is to establish itself as an one stop New Product development Company touching every stage of a software product lifecycle, from conceptualization to localizing, licensing, packaging and finally marketing a software product. If you are looking a new product development for the Web in SaaS Model or for any of the Mobile App Stores, then you are at the right place!Our range of IT Development and Outsourced product Development services are managed and executed by Agile SCRUM Certified Project and Product Managers. We have experience in developing Web Apps, Multi resolution Screen compatible Apps, Mobile Apps, Rich Internet Apps and Smart Client Apps. We have successfully Developed Software Products using PHP, Zend Framework, Ruby on Rails and Microsoft .NET Framework. Please click here to know more about our technical competencies.

How BDMM approach transforms your Software Product from conceptualization till sales readiness?

Build: Rapid Prototyping, UI Design, Database Design, Project Management, Manage changing requirements, Unit Testing, Load/Stress Testing, Release v 1.0

Deploy: Application Packaging and License Management, Virtualization, Server & Database Management, Deploy to SaaS/Cloud, Deploy to Mobile, Upload to App Stores, Intranet or on-premise Deployment or in any Data Center of your Choice.
Manage: Application Maintenance, Version Management, Upgrade, Bugfixes, Application Porting, Application Migration
Market: Publish Demos and Trial Versions, Localized Target Marketing, Organic Search Engine optimization, Social Media Marketing, Experiential Marketing, Video Marketing, Viral Marketing Campaigns, Product Branding Management.

Outsourced Software product development process involves developing the software, testing the software, release and debug the software. The maintenance phase takes care of the feature additions and updations or software re-engineering. When a new software product or release is offered, customer purchases typically increase. And our software product development cycle totally complements the sales cycles. An Outsourced Software product development company like us can help smooth out this sales cycle and help maintain more steady earnings for you by creating multiple software products that are on different production cycles. This business development strategy can help increase funding and improve company image due to consistently increasing earnings. Using the above model, we can make your software product marketable within agreed time-frame and within fixed budgets. However, if you already have a software product, we can help you to maintain and market it. Our team of product designers, developers and marketing professionals always ensures that products are released in a time bound manner resulting in low investment for product development. Our Product development team smoothly adjusts to moving targets. These include changing customer requirements; technological developments, such as new standards; and changes in the business environment, such as a competitor product release that forces you to respond rapidly with a comparable product. The most common steps which we take while developing a software product are concept screening, concept testing, business analysis, product development initiation, continuous builds in short cycles with testing, product licensing and finally product marketing. Benefit from our Software Product Development team’s experience and deliver your software product through channels that customers want to use. Providing downloadable software improves customer convenience, while boxed versions are essential for products sold through retail outlets. An increasing number of organizations/customers have started to purchase the software on a pay-as-you-go basis — the software as a service (SaaS) model. IBM estimates that, presently, about 85 percent of new software to the market is delivered as a service on Cloud Infrastructure. As an Offshore Product Development Company, we undertake Outsourced Product Development for SMEs, ISVs and Internet Entrepreneurs targeted at Mobile Marketplaces, SaaS, Traditional licensing or Cloud delivery model. Talk to us today for your product development needs. We are available on phone, email and skype from 9 AM to 8 PM IST.

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