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Revolutionizing Fertility Services with an Anonymous and Efficient Online Sperm & Egg Bank


Renowned Fertility Legal Screening Firm


The client, a renowned fertility legal screening firm, had a visionary goal of creating a comprehensive online platform that would bring together sperm donors, egg donors, surrogate mothers, and intended parents. The objective was to provide a technologically advanced solution that would encourage people in India to donate sperm and eggs, as well as act as surrogate mothers, all while maintaining anonymity and alleviating social stigma.


The primary challenge was to create a user-friendly platform that could effectively spread awareness about fertility services in India and empower potential donors and surrogate mothers to contribute without revealing their identities. Overcoming the social stigma associated with such processes was vital for the project’s success.


Allied Biztech, a boutique technology firm, stepped in to address these challenges and delivered a remarkable solution within a short span of two months. The key aspects of the solution were as follows:

  1. Automated Profile Registration: Allied Biztech implemented an automated profile registration system that streamlined the process for sperm donors, egg donors, and surrogate mothers. This technology-driven approach significantly reduced administrative overhead, enabling a smooth and efficient onboarding process.
  2. Anonymous Search Profiles: To address the issue of social stigma and privacy concerns, Allied Biztech created an innovative anonymous search profile functionality. This feature allowed intended parents to search for suitable donors or surrogate mothers without revealing their identities until both parties mutually agreed to connect.
  3. Inbuilt Legal and Medical Screening Workflow: To ensure the utmost reliability and safety, Allied Biztech integrated a comprehensive legal and medical screening workflow within the platform. This step-by-step process helped verify the authenticity of donor and surrogate profiles, thus assuring intended parents of reliable matches based on their selection criteria.

Results and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

The collaborative effort between the client and Allied Biztech resulted in transformative outcomes, leading to the successful launch of the unique online Sperm & Egg Bank platform in the Indian market. Key performance indicators that significantly improved following the implementation of the solution include:

  1. Increased Donor and Surrogate Participation: The automated profile registration and anonymous search profiles successfully encouraged a higher number of individuals to participate as donors and surrogate mothers, surpassing the client’s initial expectations.
  2. Reduced Social Stigma: By allowing users to maintain anonymity until they were comfortable connecting with intended parents, the platform effectively reduced the social stigma associated with fertility services. This shift in perception resulted in a broader acceptance of the process.
  3. Faster Project Delivery: Allied Biztech’s expertise in developing tailored solutions enabled the completion of the project within just two months. This swift delivery ensured that the client could start offering their services to the intended audience without delay, gaining a competitive edge in the market.
  4. Positive Market Reception: The platform’s unique approach to addressing societal challenges and providing a safe, reliable space for intended parents and donors garnered positive attention in the Indian market. As a result, the client received praise for their innovative and compassionate initiative.


Through its innovative technology solution, Allied Biztech successfully assisted the renowned fertility legal screening firm in creating a innovative online platform. By automating the profile registration process, introducing anonymous search profiles, and incorporating legal and medical screening workflows, the platform became a one-of-its-kind solution in the Indian market. The positive impact of the platform was evident in the increased donor and surrogate participation, reduced social stigma, and swift project delivery. Allied Biztech’s commitment to delivering value-driven solutions continues to help companies in their pursuit of technology-driven progress and success.