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Solutions for the Public sector and Government

We have been serving the public sector and Government agencies since 2009. Our solutions have helped public sector companies to connect to their employees, departments and constituents through the latest technologies which improved communications and service delivery. We have also trained and assisted Government employees during critical implementation of their projects.

Our e-governance solutions are all about efficiency, transparency and policy effectiveness thus enabling “smart governance” to citizens and consumers.


  • Custom E-Government Portal Development with secured payment gateway that can be fully integrated with SMS and smartphones.
  • E-Police System designed for police personnel on the field, who need to validate citizen credentials, report accidents and crimes.
  • Taxation and Revenues: Enabling tax-payers to access personal tax information, remember their deadlines, read about new laws, and pay online.
  • Industry and Free Trade Zones: Allow Web or wireless access to corporate clients to read rules and regulations, access business databases, apply for licences and pay for services.
  • Real Estate: Providing resources for buyers, sellers, house-owners, real estate professionals, and anyone seeking to connect with the local real estate market.
  • Tourism and Immigration Services: Helping maintain databases of residents and visitors, providing instant messaging to concerned authorities during emergencies and alerts for expired visas and passports.
  • Payment Solutions: Including Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) on Web and WAP, payment alerts and micropayments.
  • Parking Meters and Fines: Enabling traffic inspectors to charge fines on the field, while on the move.
  • Healthcare and Hospitals: Appointment and registration reminders, pharmacy system for administration and distribution of medicines, and outpatient clinic systems.


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