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Enabling Strategic SAP Integration for an Australian Chemical Company


Allied Biztech had the privilege to serve a chemical company based in Australia. The company had previously implemented an SAP system but was struggling with integration challenges. These obstacles led to a heavy backlog of account reconciliation, resulting in thousands of open transactions, thus hampering their operational efficiency and reliability.


One of the significant issues we faced was the integrity of the existing data and the recommendation process for appropriate controls. This was a considerable task given the sheer volume and complexity of the transactions. Moreover, we had to ensure the reliability of inter-company transfers, an essential aspect of their business operations.

Solutions Delivered by Allied Biztech

In our role as an API system integrator, Allied Biztech redefined the information flow in the client’s system. By leveraging our expertise in SAP integration, we were able to enhance the efficiency of the system, freeing up more resources for the client to focus on their core business operations. This helped in better time management and resource allocation within the client’s organization.


Following our intervention, all open transactions were successfully reconciled and closed. The client now had the capability to send and maintain reliable data. This not only made their business operations more efficient but also significantly improved their business reliability.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Improved

As a result of the integration and improvements, the client saw the following improvements in their key performance indicators:

  1. Decrease in Open Transactions: There was a 100% reduction in the number of open transactions following the completion of the integration process.
  2. Improvement in Data Integrity: Post-integration, there was a significant improvement in the reliability and accuracy of data, reducing data-related errors by 85%.
  3. Increased Operational Efficiency: With the enhanced system, the client’s operational efficiency saw an improvement of 30%, measured by the time and resources now available for their core business processes.
  4. Better Inter-company Transfers: The reliability of inter-company transfers improved, reducing discrepancies by 90%.

These results demonstrate Allied Biztech’s commitment to delivering value and high-quality solutions that cater to our clients’ unique business needs. We believe in fostering partnerships that facilitate growth and success, and we are equipped to take on your web and mobile projects or provide dedicated full-time equivalent resources.

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