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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consulting

Benefit from Microsoft Dynamics CRM & its tight integration with Microsoft Office

We help you leverage Microsoft Office as the primary user interface for the information that drives your business. Information about customers, contacts, opportunities, orders, products, issues, projects…you name it… can all be connected together and accessed easily with Outlook, Excel and Word….the tools your people already know. Think of the systems that we help you build with Microsoft technology as “Office on Steroids”. The integration between Microsoft CRM, SharePoint, Office, Exchange, SQL Server, the .NET development platform and the rest of the Microsoft stack makes it very straight forward to build out information systems that are intuitive for end users, easy to maintain for system administrators and high value for business owners. From the first contact to after-sales service, Microsoft Dynamics 4’s Web-enabled customer relationship management solutions help your sales, marketing, and field-service teams track customer activity, improve sales effectiveness, provide superior customer service, and build more profitable customer relationships. The latest Microsoft Dynamics Version is here, and it’s better than ever.


Opportunity management. Converts leads to opportunities and tracks them throughout the sales cycle. Sales process management. Enables consistent tracking and closing of sales opportunities. Pipeline optimization. Analytical tools provide salespeople with qualified leads and opportunities. Quote generation. Provides a full-featured product catalog that supports complex pricing levels, units of measure, and discounts. Order management. Converts quotes to orders that can be modified and saved until they are ready to be billed as invoices. Sales force management. Helps measure sales performance against quotas. Sales literature. Helps create, manage, and distribute sales material. Direct e-mail. Enables creation of customized e-mail messages to customers.


Case management. Enables customer service requests to be created, assigned, and managed from a central location. Automated routing and queuing. Promotes easy processing of service requests through customizable workflow rules. Auto-response e-mail. Generates automatic responses to customer requests. E-mail management. Automatically records customer communications and associates e-mail messages with appropriate customer records. Service scheduling. Makes it easy to manage service resources and to better understand resource and equipment allocation, usage, and effectiveness. Searchable knowledge base. Provides a repository for the publishing of support articles and information. Sales literature. Helps create, manage, and distribute sales material. Service contracts. Creates, maintains, and updates service contracts automatically.


Marketing campaigns. Enables campaign planning based on budgets and expenses, promotion codes, target products, marketing collateral, and more. Customer and lead lists. Allows existing customer information or imported contact information from various sources to be used to create targeted lists for specific campaigns. Qualify lists. Facilitates queries to customer lists, helping locate accounts that meet specific criteria. Campaign templates. Lets you create templates to use again in future campaigns.

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