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Facebook / Twitter branding and marketing

Chances are that a large portion of your customers and prospects are already on Facebook and Twitter. Promotional campaigns with Social Media Marketing with Facebook and Twitter can make your content go viral in no time. Benefit from eye catchy and aggressive product launches in your niche through Facebook and Twitter communication channels.

Leverage from social features like “Re-tweeting”, “Re-Share”, “+1” and “Like” for spreading your brand and marketing message quickly to a very large number of audience in no time. We develop custom Facebook strategy to build your fan base and ensure maximum user retention. We ensure that your Facebook company page reflects your brand and the right communication reaches your audience. Creating a Facebook policy for Creating Integrate advertising strategies


  • 100% Open Rates: Unlike Emails with spam filters, email open rates and deliverability issues, when a Facebook user chooses to receive information from you, your messages will go straight to them without any filtering whatsoever.
  • Facebook for Business: Facebook communication strategy should be to continually add value to your customers and give them a reason to subscribe to your Facebook page and a reason to stay subscribed.
  • Word-of-Mouth with Facebook: Foster virtual word-of-mouth when you share a piece of news or story, your fans can choose to share it with all of their friends with “Like” button.
  • Facebook content strategies: Innovative solution for creation, syndication and monitoring of viral promotions like Coupons, Sweepstakes, Pre-Roll Promotions, Contests, Giveaways, E-books and Viral Videos.
  • Building Relationships with Twitter: Twitter messages are short, so ´followers´ can read your Tweets (ie your message) while travelling, jogging etc. It´s a quick, easy and cost effective way to stay in touch with your customers wherever they are.
  • Twitter is a Real Time Search Engine: Unlike search engines, which can sometimes take weeks to find new information and add them to their index, with Twitter any good or bad news about your company can be instantly “pushed” to millions of people around the world.
  • Twitter for Online Reputation Management: Defend any negative comments or feedback that can quickly spread across the Internet and adversely impact on your brand.

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