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Our social media campaigns just work!

We belive that a good social media strategy is all about building your brand, loyalty and customer base. It not just ends here, its also important to listen to your customers voice and make them happy.

To run effective online PR and social media campaigns, we use a whole new different set of methods, tools and tactics than your traditional PR campaign so that you benefit from high impact but cost effective campaigns. Our social media experts have deep skills and experience in social networking, blogs, forums, virals and aggregators to help your business succeed in online social media. Online campaign tracking and monitoring portal will tell you what we do, how we do it and what results you’re getting over time.


  • Our digital experts have rich experience in social networking, blogs, forums, virals, content syndication networks and aggregators.
  • We make your brand differentiate from your competitors brand by designing bespoke social media optimization and online PR campaigns for you.
  • We help you connect with online communities and are always in the lookout to engage with them. We help you to find out and understand your customers’ needs and wants – sometimes before they even realise it!
  • We can help build your online brand by intelligent and strategic blog comments at authorative blogs.
  • We develop strategic viral video marketing campaigns by producing high-quality entertaining, educational, funny content or informative video that social media users love and value.
  • Virally Enabled, Emotionally Charged Content Writing for driving traffic, establishing authority and adding value to your company.
  • With our Twitter marketing, interact with customers and the community, to target relevant users that will buy your products or services and to resolve any negative feedback.
  • With our Facebook marketing, build fan base and get viral followers.
  • We use an innovative solution for creation, syndication and monitoring of viral promotions on facebook and twitter through Coupons, Sweepstakes, Pre-Roll Promotions, Contests, Giveaways, E-books and Viral Videos.

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