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iOS Application Development and Consulting

iPhone is a multimedia smartphone designed and developed by Apple.Inc. The iPhone is currently available only in the Mac OS X 10.5 platform and thus, Mac OS X 10.5 the only platform used for the development of iPhone applications. We do In-built features integration with the OS architecture, Upgrades and enhancements, Innovative plug-ins and add-ons, Iphone content development, IPhone-compatible mobile website development and so on.

 Our iPhone development teams are skilled in Objective C, C, iOS Software Development Kit ( SDK), XCode, Core Animation, OpenAL, OpenGL, CFNetwork Programming, Accelerometer, Networking based SDK, Integration with custom C Libraries, Location-aware development, Media Player Framework, Engine Development, low memory footprint programming etc.

We develop iPhone Applications using Objective C and Xcode IDE, HTML 5.0 Native App with Phonegap and Adobe AIR Flex Framework for Cross platform development

Some stunning Facts about iPhone and iOS Devices

  • 25 million+ iPhone OS devices sold in the US to date
  • 1.7 million iPhone 4’s where sold in its first 3 days of the launch
  • The display contrast of iPhone 4 is 800:1
  • Apple is Selling 350 Apps Per Second
  • iPhone is sold in more than 77 countries world wide.
  • iPhone has 25% more audience than conventional PC Traffic


iPhone and iPad Application Development Services

iphone Application Development Apps makes iPhone do so much more. iPhone has started the trend for Apps and people download and use at an avaerage of 20 apps on their iPhones productivity, entertainment, geo location, GPS tracking, gaming, Office, Health and much more. We have a special Mobile Development Studio called Mobideus, where we have MAC hardware runningXCode IDE and Programmers having skills in Cocoa and Objective C.iPhone Game Development Games developed on iPhone features High performance graphics, surround sound & high contrast display. Our Mobile development Studio for iPhone Game Development is quipped with the lastest MAC hardware along with Simulators and Real iPhones and iPads to do testing and performance tuning of your game development needs. iPhone Business & Sales Application Development We have experience in developing custom business applications for iPhone that serve your business and sales fulfillment needs. Advanced sales tracking and CRM functionalities are added on iPhone Mobile Application. We have created visually stunning 3D Dashboard with peicharts and sales graphs for business appications. iPhone Widget and Mashup Development iPhone Mobile widgets features and aggregates videos, photos, news, games, live sports scores, social networking, geo location and productivity enhancement apps. iPhone Theme Design, iPhone User Interface Design, iPhone Icon Design Our Mobile Development Studio, Mobideus has iPhone User Interface Designers, iPhone icon Designers and iPhone graphics designers. We design customized Mockups for iPhone, Prototype for iphone applications and iPhone enabled websites. Our graphics designers are capable of animating in 2D and 3D iPhone Web Service Integration Our Mobile Application Development Studio, MOBIDEUS houses programmers having expertise in iphone web service integration and custom mobile application and apps development. We can also do third party integration of popular web services. iPhone Mobile Website Design and Web Development  We design and develop iPhone compatible websites that take full advantage of the unique iPhone interface and features and also serves your target audience. We have experts in HTML 5.0, jQuery Mobile, Phonegap, Titanium, Adobe AIR and Flex.


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