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Web solutions for Mobile & Tablet screen devices

With Smartphones becoming more in number than laptops & computers combined – end users have the power, accessibility, usability and seamless convenience to access your website from anywhere, at anytime using their Smartphones & Tablets. Thanks to better mobile internet speeds, 3G & 4G  – the number of mobile users and web enabled mobile devices have increased significantly. Having a Mobile compatible website is mandatory these days to promote & sell products and services as you simply can’t ignore the mobile traffic. In fact a lot of big corporate are thinking of ways to reach end users with a mobile first approach.

We support multiple technologies and file formats to provide your users with the most pleasant user experience on their mobile handsets including conventional web-enabled cell phones, which do not have rich multimedia capabilities.

There are more number of mobile & tablet users than PC or laptop users in the world! Google April 21st 2015 Update – “Pages designed for only large screens may see a significant decrease in rankings in mobile search results.”

7 reasons to have a Mobile Strategy for your Website or Blog

  • More and more people are reading and consuming content on the go. Can you lose your potential customers?
  • Is your website equipped to render the different screen sizes of the mobile devices?
  • WordPress, Joomla CMS based Mobile Web design. Easy to update and Manage.
  • Choice of self managed or static mobile website.
  • Bring e-commerce to your mobile website. Benefit from m-commerce applications that run on mobile
  • Give the same user experience for all mobile device types, iphone, ipad, blackberry, etc
  • Mobile Commerce allows customers to make instant payments through their mobile phone

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