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Windows Mobile 8 Apps development

Microsoft’s highly anticipated Windows Phone 8 platform was released in 2012. Windows cell phones have been around for a long time now, but this new platform has revamped design and features to create a much more entertaining and user-friendly operating system. Microsoft’s recent push to create a rich and diverse Windows mobile phone app market similar to Apple and Android App marketplace is good news for .net developers. If any other mobile phone company can compete with the likes of Apple iOS and Google Android, it’s Microsoft with the Windows Phone 8. Windows Phone 8 will be a great gaming platform with the hugely popular Xbox Live community built right in. That means an even better gaming experience for the end user and the ability to manage your avatar and achievements on the go. It’s exciting to consider the possibilities Windows Phone 8 will bring to mobile gaming, and a great platform for mobile game development.

Top reasons to develop Apps for Windows Mobile 8 platform

  • Take advantage of Windows Mobile 8 platform by porting your existing iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry or Android game over to this platform.
  • Take advantage of the blossoming Windows Phone app market early so you can beat the competition.
  • Benefit from Microsoft and Nokia partnership


Top enhancements of the Windows Mobile 8 OS

Contact management  If you are the one with a massive list of contacts and dial some of them very often then contact management is the feature that you will surely like it. It allows a user to pin the very frequent contacts on the home screen as a tile or a user can also utilize the feature called “People’s Recent” list which auto-populates the most recent used contacts. Social networking  Inbuilt Social networking application offers an assortment of flexibility from uploading the bunch of photo graphs in a particular category to remove the account completely from the phone. Keeping in touch with your buddies was never so easy with a windows phone before! Email and messaging  Email functionality allows configuring an account manually for Windows live, Outlook, Yahoo and Gmail. The manual setup of POP or IMAP accounts can also be found. It offers almost full support to EAS Google accounts. The layout of inbox is very crystal clear and easy to use plus gives an authority of customizing as per users convenience, how a user would like to view the mail, which sort of mail a user will prefer to be at first place and other changes. Browser  The browser of window 7 is constructed with the synthesis of explorer 7 and 8 which looks and works magnificent on smaller display with a vivid view. Whether you’re scrolling the page very fast or moving on another webpage, the escalation of loading page is very instantaneous and displays the picture on very moment compared to other traditional phones that annoys by displaying the pictures in a slow motion. Moreover, it allows opening six tabs within a browser yet offering adequate rendering speed. The option of bookmarks can also be found while viewing the browser in miniaturizing way. Camera and photo management  When it comes to taking a snap windows 8 mobile platform shows up the picture as much less as in 2 sec after clicking the cam button, which results accurate picture without being blurry. However, the more options, modes and better results depend on the mobile manufacture. The inbuilt windows 8 mobile application allows to zip the picture directly on your Facebook or SkyDrive. The picture application enables a user to be at one station yet view the picture, share the pictures and change wallpaper without driving off the application. Marketplace  Marketplace of the windows 8 mobile platform has overcome the iOS and Android and has something vivacious to offer which is never been introduced before. Windows market place offers several categories to browser through such as Tools, Lifestyle, News & Weather, and Business Center. From music to business each category suffices your every need without making your work arduous. Mobile Office  Mobile Office component is one of the major facets that distinguish Windows phone from all others and stand apart. Microsoft has enabled a feature in word that a user can change the color of text and select any from orange, green, red, or black. Besides that it also consist spell-check feature. Support for SharePoint server is boon for business users. OneNote helps for scribbling something important of anything which is very handy and works just like PC notepad. Furthermore, pictures, voice recording and other files can be attached seamlessly in less time. Xbox Live  So far Microsoft haven’t showed up anything lucrative in Xbox integration, nevertheless, what it allows is to add a live account and enjoy an amusement into the phone. Chiefly, it will consist of two kinds of games, app games and Xbox live content which would be a vibrant experience. Maps  Users get an access to satellite imagery along with real-time traffic information. Zooming in and out is very smooth and rapid, and displays very neatly. The Bing map is used to provide the information, which demonstrates the same information that a user seeks on a computer. The search can be done through text or voice. The creative aspect of the map application is it will move around while you swipe through the list and highlight different items – this will walk you step-by-step to your destination. This can be set either on pedestrian or car mode.

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