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Enhancing Customer Engagement and Repeat Visitors on a Food Social Networking Site


Social Networking Site for Foodies Company: FudzGud


The client is an active food social networking site in India, connecting food enthusiasts, chefs, and restaurants with the goal of providing information on good food across various cuisines and restaurants.


The client’s primary objective was to provide the latest recipes from the community to foodies while fostering interactions among like-minded food enthusiasts. Additionally, they sought to incorporate in-content Ads and Geo-location based Ads for contextual recipe recommendations.


Allied Biztech proposed a comprehensive solution to address the client’s challenges and enhance user experience on the food social networking site:

  1. Free Recipe Access: Foodies were granted free access to read recipes, encouraging more users to engage with the platform.
  2. Free Cook Book Publishing: Authors were provided with the opportunity to publish cookbooks free of cost, fostering a sense of community participation and knowledge sharing.
  3. Virtual Cook Book: A virtual cook book was introduced, allowing foodies to flip through and read recipes conveniently, replicating the feel of a physical cookbook.
  4. Syndication with Social Media Networks: Allied Biztech integrated social media networks within the platform, enabling users to share their favorite recipes seamlessly, consequently driving more traffic to the site.


The implemented solution yielded significant improvements and measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

  1. Repeat Visitor Rate: The social networking site witnessed a remarkable 65% repeat visitor rate, indicating that users found value in the content and engaged with the platform regularly. This metric demonstrates the site’s ability to retain users and sustain their interest over time.
  2. Increased Customer Engagement: Following the implementation of Allied Biztech’s solution, customer engagement on the platform reached an all-time high since its launch. The combination of free recipe access, cook book publishing, and the virtual cook book feature contributed to a more interactive and engaging user experience.

These results clearly showcase the value delivered by Allied Biztech’s expertise in optimizing the food social networking site for increased user engagement and improved customer retention. The platform’s ability to cater to the interests of foodies, chefs, and restaurants alike led to enhanced community interaction and a more robust sharing of culinary knowledge.

As a boutique company dedicated to providing tailored solutions to our clients’ unique requirements, Allied Biztech is committed to continuing its support for businesses seeking to elevate their web and mobile projects or hiring dedicated FTE resources. By focusing on delivering tangible outcomes and fostering valuable user experiences, Allied Biztech remains a trusted partner for companies looking to strengthen their digital presence and engagement with their target audience.