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We Care | Social Responsibilities


“The decisions and actions of the businessmen affect the lives and future of all. Added together the decisions of businessmen, in large, determine for the nation such important matters as the amount of employment, prosperity, rate of economic progress, distribution of income among various groups, etc.” [Howard R. Browen]




1. Towards community:

  • Contribute to the upliftment of the weaker sections of the society
  • Make the best possible use of the society’s resources.
  • Provide employment opportunities
  • care for the environment and keep it free from all possible types of pollution
  • Refrain from indulging in anti-social and unethical practices.


2. Towards Customers :

  • Deliver good quality products and services
  • Prompt, adequate and continous service
  • Abide laws of the land
  • Charge reasonable prices
  • Prompt redressal of customers grievances
  • Avoid unfair and unethical practices
  • True and fair advertisements
  • Pay taxes honestly in time
  • Avoid corrupting public servants or Gov officials
  • Always encourage fair trade practices


It is the duty of the businessmen to ensure good working conditions and a good standard of living for workers, to supply customers with goods of acceptable quality at reasonable prices and to fulfill the obligations to the State by the prompt payment of taxes, observance of rules, and cooperation in larger purpose of the society. [J.M.Parsons]

3. To share holders:

  • Fair return on investment
  • Steady appreciation of investment
  • Safety of investment


4. Towards Employees

  • Fair wages, salaries
  • Adequate service benefits
  • Good and safe working conditions
  • Reward and Recognition to employees, their contribution.


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