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Solutions for FMCG Industry

The Fast moving consumption behaviors of the day shape the FMCG market. The FMCG and Retail business is all about high volumes and low margins. The sale cycle is short and the entire inventory management has to be on a daily basis. The minimum number of pieces on the shelf and the fill ratio need to be carefully maintained. The speed of movement of goods from the retail shelf drives the profitability of the business. Price management is a critical factor in this segment. The price varies by season, by region, by specific days and even by store. Our FMCG solutions are focussed at achieving better understanding of consumers, as well as for marketing, production and sales activities. Whether our clients’ needs are local, regional or global, ad-hoc, single or multi-country, our FMCG solutions allows companies to deliver the correct product to the correct store at the correct time with prior planning.

We help companies monitor and optimize procurement and monitoring activities of the field teams, secondary and tertiary distribution and help them with a analytical data on sales and the market coverage live on their mobile devices.

Solution areas for the FMCG and Retail Industry

  • Inventory Management system has a very strong replenishment and planning engine that allows for inventory optimization, minimum stock-out management and automatic raising of POs if fill ratio is below limit.
  • Our software can efficiently manage complex price variations across multiple dimensions while managing a centralized reporting system.
  • Activity based definition of each step of stock transfer from warehouse to shop ensures there is complete tracking of goods movement across multiple stores, from bar code level to carton level.
  • Ability to manage all types of promotions – flat discounts, varying discounts by product category, buy 1 get 1 (or more) free, increasing discounts with number of products purchased, or any combination of these.
  • Point-of-Sale (POS) module can process thousands of bill in a short time with high accuracy and audit.

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