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Solutions for the Life sciences, Biologicals & Pharmaceutical Industry

We are at the forefront of Pharmaceutical and Life sciences Industry solutions. We have successfully helped pharma companies in developing Industry-specific business applications for improving regulatory compliance, reducing time to market(TTM), enhancing sales force automation, and increasing team collaboration and efficiency.


We have closely experienced the challenges of both small and large Pharmaceutical companies to design innovative and cost-effective technology solutions to address their specific business needs. In fact, we have specific solutions for all the departments in a typical pharma company such as R&D, Admin, Market Analytics, Marketing, Sales, Logistics, Finance, etc. Our Pharma specific product, Medismo has cutting-edge solutions for Pharma Distribution, Pharma Sales, Pharma Supply Chain, Pharma E-detailing, Pharma e-sampling, Pharma Leave management, and other core functions which are specific for the Pharma industry. Visit the product site for more details.


  • R&D department Tools and systems for data integration, statistical analysis, submission management, and reporting.
  • Marketing department Management of complex physician visit activities, physician sampling, Hospital coverage, Mobile Daily Call Reports (DCR) and eDetailing while maintaining regulatory compliance.
  • Distributed sales teams Manage and streamline distribution of samples, gifts and promotional literature. Take advantage of Digital document library and e-detailing on Tablets and Virtual Knowledge Portal.
  • Finance departments Solutions for Budgeting and forecasting to bring efficiency and control expenses and bring transparency.