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Conceptualization to Marketing the Right Solutions for Startup Companies

We make the everyday operations of startup companies and small businesses easier and more efficient by automating and simplifying core tasks and processes. We understand that as a startup, you have a limited budget to allocate to IT spending each year. We strongly believe that our success is tied into yours.

Benefit from our experience to drive value for your business in choosing the right technology for your start-up and in phasing out the project in a manner that delivers maximum value to your target audience keeping in sync with your cash flows.

Changing a light bulb is easy. Change the very light bulb – that’s innovation.


  • Flexibility and Scalability: We offer flexible modes of engagement whether its a fixed quote project or if you need to hire dedicated resources for ongoing maintenance. We give you the flexibility of starting off with a single resource and scale up to any number of resources or viceversa, based on your needs.
  • Iterative Agile Methodology: Our software development methodology results in shorter development and releases cycles. We develop working prototypes that will help you visualize the solution and exchange ideas back and forth with you, thereby enabling us to put down all that is required.
  • Faster Time-to-Market: We understand the importance of getting the V 1.0 of your product to market quickly. We help you leverage our large and diverse development team that allows for the shortest possible “go live”.
  • Cost Saving: Cost is major concern for startups. Setting up and managing in-house IT department is more expensive and time consuming which can work against you. We offer to work with boot strapped budgets wherein the solution is developed in a phased manner, with phases mapping to your cash flow. Bootstrapping ensures that you have greater control.


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