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Top Reasons to hire us

Our client list is impressive, our portfolio is pretty, but what are the key benefits of hiring us? We’re glad you asked.

1. Commendable Track record

How many times you have hired companies and digital agencies for your IT needs just going by your faith? It becomes very difficult for new customers and people who haven’t hired IT services before to judge the credibility of an IT company. We have a track record of delivering successful IT projects and business solutions across 8 industry vertical spread over 7 countries. We have a proven ability to deliver web, mobile, e-commerce, web-marketing solutions that contributes significantly to the success of your business.  In IT industry there are no formal barriers to entry, hence a proven track record is the best measure of an company’s ability to deliver results. Thus when you hire us, you’re not gambling on our ability to deliver on our promises. You’re not paying us to learn on your time, or make our mistakes with your business.

2. Accountability

Every company will promise you a solution which will help you achieve your business goals. At Allied Biztech, we go one step further and translate your goals into simple, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-bound objectives. One may ask why make life difficult for ourselves? The reason is; it makes us better at what we do. We have no way of improving, unless we can measure the effectiveness of our ideas. By following this model consistently for many years, our skills and knowledge have improved measurably. When you hire us, you don’t make the success of your project a matter of opinion. You make it a matter of fact.

3. Walk the talk

You must have been to other IT company websites. How many times you came across “The key to success in a project is communication, that they don’t use jargon; importance of listening and understanding your business, and your objectives”? To sum it up, talk is cheap; at our company – we prefer action. We demonstrate our commitment through clear communication and by using tools & processes we use to shape your project. Moreover, we put it in writing, so that there are no disagreements later on. At Allied Biztech, communication is consistency and predictability. We get you involved in our processes, so you know exactly what will happen during the course of your project, and when.

4. Zero risk

We provide our customers guarantees that you simply won’t find anywhere else. Right from getting  a list of clear deliverables, agreed in advance, fixed cost for your project, agreed in advance,  to 100% money-back guarantee. Also, we don’t lock you with our solutions for life! as we dont believe in “vendor lock-in” (like an in-house CMS which you can’t use with any other company). We deliver projects which are standards based and easier and faster to modify later on with or without our help. Culture at Allied Biztech Solutions is governed by ideas, technology, process and discipline.