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Outsourced Product Development: UK Sports Recruitment Platform for Athletes


Allied Biztech collaborated with a UK-based sports startup to develop a high-impact Recruitment Platform tailored for university and college coaches, aiming to revolutionize athlete recruitment in the sports industry.


The sports startup faced challenges in determining the exact project requirements and identifying features that would resonate with their target audience due to the innovative nature of the platform. Additionally, ensuring consistent performance and appearance across different mobile platforms, including iPhone and Android, posed a significant hurdle.


Allied Biztech provided a comprehensive solution to address the challenges faced by the sports recruitment platform. Through close collaboration with the client, we meticulously gathered and analyzed requirements to create a platform with features precisely tailored to meet the specific needs of university and college coaches.

To ensure a seamless user experience across various mobile platforms, our team extended the platform to native mobile devices like iPhone and Android. This transformation allowed users to access the application effortlessly, enhancing their overall experience and engagement.


The implementation of Allied Biztech’s Recruitment Platform solution delivered substantial value to the sports startup:

  1. Enhanced User Experience: The platform’s intuitive design and consistent performance across multiple mobile platforms resulted in a significant improvement in user satisfaction, leading to increased engagement and retention rates.
  2. Broader Audience Reach: By extending the platform to popular mobile devices, the sports startup expanded its potential user base, experiencing a surge in user adoption and interaction.
  3. Improved Efficiency: Coaches and recruiters benefited from the anytime, anywhere access to the application, streamlining athlete recruitment processes and facilitating quicker decision-making.
  4. Positive Market Response: The integration of the platform with various mobile websites garnered positive feedback from users, strengthening the sports startup’s reputation and attracting more potential clients.
  5. Industry Leadership: With Allied Biztech’s Recruitment Platform, the sports startup established itself as a leader in athlete recruitment, gaining a competitive edge in the sports industry.


Through the successful collaboration with Allied Biztech, the UK-based sports startup achieved its vision of creating a game-changing Recruitment Platform for athletes. By addressing challenges effectively and delivering a high-impact solution, the sports startup experienced improved user satisfaction, increased efficiency, and market leadership. The value delivered by the Recruitment Platform positioned Allied Biztech as a reliable partner for companies seeking web and mobile projects or dedicated FTE resources.