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WordPress website & Sales Landing Page design for Canadian VOIP marketing company

SACAW, a Canadian VOIP marketing company, specializes in selling long-distance telephony solutions throughout North America. To remain competitive and expand their customer base, SACAW recognized the need for a website redesign and a more efficient content management system. Additionally, they sought to increase their website traffic and enhance lead conversion rates to drive sales growth.


SACAW faced the challenge of improving their online presence and streamlining their website management. Their existing website lacked flexibility, hindering their ability to make quick updates and changes. Moreover, their lead conversion rates were stagnant at a mere 3%, significantly impacting revenue growth potential.


Allied Biztech, a boutique web and mobile solutions provider, presented an all-encompassing solution to address SACAW’s challenges. Leveraging their expertise in web development, the team at Allied Biztech proposed a complete redesign of SACAW’s website, converting it into a user-friendly and dynamic WordPress-based CMS site. The use of WordPress provided SACAW with an intuitive interface, allowing them to efficiently manage and update content without the need for technical expertise.

Within just two weeks, Allied Biztech delivered a customized WordPress theme and plugins, tailored specifically to meet SACAW’s requirements. The implementation of these solutions not only enhanced the visual appeal of the website but also improved its functionality, resulting in a more engaging user experience.

Furthermore, to drive increased traffic and attract potential customers, Allied Biztech devised a strategic online marketing plan. The plan encompassed a combination of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising and Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies. By targeting relevant keywords and optimizing the website’s visibility on search engines, Allied Biztech aimed to attract the right audience to SACAW’s website.


The collaboration with Allied Biztech yielded several notable benefits for SACAW:

  1. Quick Return on Investment (RoI): With a rapid turnaround time for the website redesign and implementation, SACAW experienced a swift return on their investment. The enhanced website attracted more potential customers, translating into increased leads and sales.
  2. Customer Retention: SACAW observed a surge in customer satisfaction, leading to improved retention rates. The redesigned website offered a seamless user experience, encouraging existing customers to renew their subscriptions month after month.


The results of Allied Biztech’s efforts were outstanding, as demonstrated by the following key performance indicators:

  1. Conversion Rate Improvement: Within just two months of implementing Organic SEO and optimizing lead conversion strategies, SACAW’s conversion rate surged from a modest 3% to an impressive 8%. This 166% increase in the conversion rate reflected the effectiveness of Allied Biztech’s solutions in attracting and converting potential customers.

Through a collaborative partnership with Allied Biztech, SACAW, the Canadian VOIP marketing company, witnessed substantial improvements in their online presence and lead conversion rates. By providing a custom WordPress solution and leveraging effective online marketing strategies, Allied Biztech enabled SACAW to achieve a remarkable 166% increase in their conversion rate. With continued dedication to excellence, Allied Biztech remains committed to delivering value-driven solutions to businesses seeking to excel in the web and mobile domain.