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Enhancing Web Identity and Online Marketing to Attract International Clients for BPO company

Accentuate Solutions, a BPO company located in Chennai, approached Allied Biztech seeking assistance in establishing a robust web identity to enhance their online presence and attract potential clients from the US and UK markets.


Accentuate Solutions faced the challenge of standing out in a competitive market as a new BPO company. They needed a compelling web identity design to capture the attention of their target audience and showcase their services effectively.


Allied Biztech worked closely with Accentuate Solutions to develop a strategic web identity design that emphasized their unique value propositions and highlighted their expertise in the BPO industry. The team at Allied Biztech employed cutting-edge design principles to create an intuitive, user-friendly website that reflected GleanServ Solutions’ professionalism and commitment to excellence.


With the new web identity in place, Accentuate Solutions experienced several notable benefits. Firstly, their online presence was significantly enhanced, allowing them to establish credibility and trust with potential clients from the US and UK. Secondly, the user-friendly design facilitated seamless navigation and engagement, resulting in increased customer inquiries and interest in their BPO services. Moreover, the enhanced web identity showcased GleanServ Solutions as a reliable partner, capable of handling complex BPO processes efficiently.


The key performance indicators (KPIs) that were significantly improved for Accentuate Solutions include:

  1. Website Traffic: The implementation of the new web identity and design led to a substantial increase in website traffic. This surge in visitors indicated a higher level of interest from potential clients seeking BPO services.
  2. Lead Generation: Allied Biztech’s strategic web identity design, coupled with targeted marketing efforts, resulted in a considerable boost in lead generation. Accentuate Solutions received a higher volume of quality leads, which increased their chances of converting prospects into clients.
  3. Conversion Rate: The user-centric design and clear call-to-action elements on the website contributed to an improved conversion rate. Visitors were more likely to inquire about services and engage with the company, leading to a higher conversion rate for Accentuate Solutions.
  4. Brand Perception: The new web identity positioned Accentuate Solutions as a professional and reliable BPO company in the US and UK markets. This positive brand perception helped them gain a competitive edge over other BPO providers and fostered long-term trust with their clients.

Allied Biztech’s expertise in web identity design and their commitment to delivering value allowed Accentuate Solutions to overcome their challenges and achieve significant improvements in their KPIs. The enhanced web presence successfully positioned Accentuate Solutions in the international BPO market, enabling them to attract more clients and grow their business successfully.

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