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WordPress website developed for Canadian Wooden Door Supplier

Background: SLN door is a wooden door manufacturer from Canada. SLN doors wanted to create a strong web presence and get door orders online.

Challenge: Building trust among SLN door’s customers was a major challenge. Most of their clients were Hotels who needed more details about the products to convert into leads.

Solution: We created a wordpress website and used Video marketing effectively to showcase the top features of the brand in its local target market. We also put together a combination of online marketing strategy to bring more visibility to the door brand,

Benefits: The parallel marketing efforts paid good results in a short period of time. We used PPC to bring targeted traffic and convert them into paid customers. We used Organic SEO to build authority on Google for ranking relevant keywords on search result pages.

Results: The results were fabulous, with 3 weeks of lead conversion optimization – we jumped from 2% conversion rate to 12%.

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