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HTML to WordPress Migration & Content Curation for SEO Improvements for Dental India


Background: is a well-established dental information portal that has been providing valuable case studies and premium articles from dentists worldwide for over 10 years. However, with the advancement of web standards and evolving SEO algorithms, the website faced challenges in maintaining its online visibility and rankings on search engines, particularly Google, over the last year.


As an aging website built on HTML, encountered compatibility issues with modern web standards, leading to a decline in search engine rankings and decreased organic traffic. To maintain their competitive edge and remain relevant in the dental industry, they sought a reliable solution to upgrade their website and improve their SEO performance.


Allied Biztech, a boutique web and mobile solutions company, offered a comprehensive solution to address’s challenges. The team of experts at Allied Biztech meticulously planned and executed the following steps:

  1. HTML to WordPress Migration: Allied Biztech seamlessly migrated’s existing XHTML 4.0 website to a robust and user-friendly WordPress Content Management System (CMS). This migration ensured that the website would be compatible with modern web standards and responsive across various devices.

  2. Content Curation for SEO Improvements: The Allied Biztech team conducted a thorough content analysis to identify areas that needed improvement. They curated the existing content, optimized it for relevant keywords, and ensured compliance with W3C standards. This process aimed to enhance the website’s overall SEO performance and improve its chances of ranking higher in search engine results.


The collaboration with Allied Biztech yielded numerous benefits that added value to their digital presence and business operations:

  1. Fresh and Modern Look: The migration to WordPress gave a visually appealing and modern website design. The website became more intuitive and user-friendly, offering a seamless experience to visitors.

  2. Enhanced SEO Performance: Through content curation and keyword optimization, witnessed a significant improvement in its search engine rankings. This boost in SEO performance contributed to higher organic traffic and increased visibility in relevant search queries.

  3. Full Content Control: With the new WordPress CMS, gained full control over its website content. This empowered them to update and manage their articles, case studies, and other resources easily, without any technical assistance.


The collaboration with Allied Biztech led to remarkable outcomes for, reinforcing their position as a leading dental information portal:

  1. Improved WordPress CMS Site: now operates on a robust and easy-to-maintain WordPress platform, allowing the client to focus on delivering quality content and services.

  2. Accelerated SEO Recovery: Within a mere two months after the deployment of the new website, witnessed a remarkable recovery in its search engine rankings. The website’s organic traffic saw a notable increase, attracting more relevant visitors and potential clients.

Allied Biztech successfully delivered a tailored solution to, addressing their HTML to WordPress migration and content curation needs. The partnership resulted in an enhanced digital presence, better SEO performance, and improved user experience for As a boutique web and mobile solutions company, Allied Biztech’s commitment to delivering value-driven solutions contributed to’s continued success in the competitive dental information space.