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Solutions for the Media and entertainment Industry

Allied Biztech offers a wide range of solutions for the Media and Entertainment industry ranging from digitization and content management to developing and maintaining state-of-the-art web portals, distribution to multiple channels, application modernization, and platform migration services. We use open standards based frameworks that help you make use of technology as a business enabler so that you keep pace with the rapidly changing consumer behaviour.

The new delivery channels of the Media and entertainment Industry spans across multiple platforms, we help you deliver your content to your customers where they want it, how they want it and when they want it, at much lower costs.


  • Digital media content management — Automate the creation, editing, and transformation of rich media files and metadata and monitor consumption of such content for your new service offerings.
  • Intelligent data management and protection — Store, protect, reuse, and archive media content to maximize revenue and optimize your IT infrastructure.
  • Compliance — Secure financial and customer data to ensure compliance with entertainment business regulations.
  • Analog to digital conversion — Speed your migration to a tapeless broadcast environment and turn broadcast content into revenue.
  • Automated workflows — Create file-based workflows to speed content distribution and monetize new and emerging digital media business models.

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