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Application Re-engineering & Platform Migration Services

Mitigate the risk of your migration, consolidation or restructuring project with Allied Biztech Solutions on users and fewer resources than you thought possible. As every product is having its own lifecycle, towards the end of product’s life-cycle you start getting the feedback from your existing customers like:

      • High maintainability,
      • Performance not matching new customer’s expectations,
      • Difficulties in integrating the product with other IT solutions,
      • Not attractive user interface,
      • Difficulties in operating the product,
      • Old architecture not supporting the latest technology and business trends.

These technology change waves and consumer preferences associated with them create multiple challenges and opportunities for ISVs and software product companies.


  • Understand the objective of the migration
  • Understand the existing platform, source of data, database structure, platform deployment details and interface with external system
  • Understand the new platform and how the objective of the migration is met with in the new platform
  • Create detailed requirement and specification
  • Determine the conversion stages
  • Map the process in existing platform and new platform
  • Understand the difference between existing platform and new platform in context to data storage and retrieval and other set objectives of the migration
  • Plan for one time bulk migration – migrating all objects, data and process from existing platform to new platform
  • Plan for migrating delta, if existing platform and new platform are on production for some time until the old platform is retired
  • Write custom scripts using stored procedure or any programming language as needed
  • Prepare detailed test plan and case to ensure the migration is successful

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