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Ruby on Rails(RoR) Development Company


Why use Ruby on Rails (RoR)?

Ruby is a Model View Controller (MVC) based open source programming language that can develop data driven applications rapidly. The MVC architecture separates data from logic and offers skeleton code frameworks from the outset. Ruby is a dynamic programming language with focus on simplicity, flexibility and productivity. RoR is the Framework for Ruby, designed to drastically reduce development time and make code simpler for the dynamic websites and web applications. Ruby on Rails encourages DRY approach. Every piece of information is saved once in one place in the system. So developers don’t write recurring code in many times in a single application. Ruby on Rails framework supports popular databases like: MySQL, SQL server, Postgre SQL, DB2 and Oracle databases. Rails is perfect for client centric web applications that can speed up the development improving user experience. Moreover ROR comes with an integrated testing framework that supports traditional testing methods including unit and integration testing. It helps developer to add new features and refactoring of code quickly and accurately.

 Some of the Ruby on Rails (RoR) packages we use are, Active Record (an object-relational mapping system for database access), ActiveResource (provides web services), ActionPack, ActiveSupport and ActionMailer. Some of the Development Tools, we use for RoR development are RadRails, Scite, Ultaedit editors, SVN Client like Tortoise SVN or GIT.

RoR Development expertise include

  • We follow Agile Software Development Methodology for RoR Projects. You can save up to 30% of your current Ruby on Rails development budget with us.
  • RoR is simple, fast and supports DRY; also supports glue languages like Perl and Python.
  • We use ROR’s Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture pattern to organize application programming.
  • We can Port legacy applications to Ruby on Rails Application architecture, re-design or improve your existing RoR application User Experience
  • RoR’s scaffolding can automatically construct some of the models needed for a basic website, saving valuable time.
  • RoR features Convention over Configuration (CoC) and Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY).
  • Our RoR development results in shorter time-to-market your product and ability to target more aggressive deadlines
  • We embedd SEO techniquess in RoR Applications to improve your website’s visibility in all the major search engines.
  • We utilize Merb, Rake, Cucumber, Git, and other tools to accelerate RoR development

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