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Real world Workflow & Business Process Automation for Small to Medium Businesses

MOSS Platform Deployment with Enterprise Search, Web 2.0, Composite Applications, and Business Intelligence Features with Business Processes and Workflows Enablement

The business process is the flow of information, modified by value-added tasks, that begins with the first contact with a prospective customer and continues through delivery of a finished product. With BPM, you can analyze, document, optimize and then automate business processes. BPM includes applications, claims and transaction processing, including mail room management, digitization of inbound responses and documents into secure web-based repositories for more streamlined workflow. Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) enables easy access to people, insights and knowledge resources to all employees, without having to abandon the familiar Office tools and applications they use today. MOSS also provides rich features for social computing in a single platform.As a Microsoft Partner with in-depth MOSS implementation experience, ABT Solutions helps organizations realize the business value of MOSS as a Business Collaboration Platform.

Our BPM services enable clients to have a comprehensive online “Single View” of a customer and all their related activity and history. Business efficiency is also achieved through the streamlining of back-office processes. We help you Convert Organizational Silos into a Collaborative, Interconnected Community

What is an Intranet? An Intranet is a private – internal – business network that enables your employees to share information, collaborate, and improve communications. What is an Extranet? An Extranet enables your business to communicate and collaborate more effectively with selected business partners, suppliers and customers. An Extranet can play an important role in enhancing business relationships and improving supply chain management.

Intranet and Extranet with Sharepoint Server (MOSS) Platform

  • Information Management – delivering information and business news as directories and web documents
  • Document Management – viewing, printing and working collaboratively on office documents
  • Workflow – automating a range of administrative processes
  • Knowledge Management – Managing knowledge resources organization wide
  • Alerts & Notification – A number of alert and notifications such as virus alert etc
  • Robust Communication – Communicate more effectively, both internally with your employees and with your external trading partners and customers.
  • Experience – Designing, Development and Deployment of Intranet and Extranet systems which are best suitable for small and medium size enterprises.
  • Our secure intranet/extranet solutions will enable collaborative working for operational excellence and thus increasing overall productivity of the organization


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