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KPIs, Dashboard, On-Demand Reports, Adhoc Reports for Microsoft Sharepoint Server or Open Source alternatives like Pentaho, Jaspersoft

The sheer volume of data within the organization can be overwhelming. Yet data alone cannot give you a competitive edge. Only by unlocking the hidden knowledge can you use data to gain insight into customers, markets, and even your own business performance. Business intelligence (BI) solutions to improve their decision making and business agility. Business Intelligence (BI) is everything you need for business planning, budgeting, and forecasting, financial consolidation, reporting and analysis and performance management – on a single platform. Business Intelligence eliminates the frustration of complicated, disconnected software, and the limitations, time and labor involved in spreadsheet-based business planning and analysis.

Our professional data experts are passionate about converting raw data to useful information. Our understanding of functional domains will help you unlock the potential in your organization’s data to support quick and effective decision-making.


Where from the Business Intelligence Data come from?

    • Accounting or Billing Systems
    • Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets
    • Microsoft Access Databases
    • CRM Systems
    • Social Media Business Intelligence
    • Legacy Data Sources
    • Manufacturing
    • Different variants of Database Servers
    • Service & Operations Systems
    • Date trapped in Silos of different teams or departments
    • Modern Databases like No-SQL, MongoDB and Apache Hadoop
    • Disparate systems running different business process making it tough to bring the data together


How Business Intelligence can help your Organization?

      • Enables the continuous management of financial and operational functions
      • When you need to view past performance, current state of business, and opportunities for the future
      • Shares business rules and data across all business processes
      • Flexible, real-time modeling to meet rapidly changing business plans
      • Eliminates development and maintenance costs associated with integrating multiple products
      • When Excel spread sheets have grown out of control
      • When you need a summary of our important business indicators at a glance
      • When your staff needs the tools to make better business decisions



      • Better manage your Sales Order process and information
      • Collect & organize complex data from Clients, Members, Patients or Staff from diverse locations and job roles
      • Distribute reports to the relevant people
      • Content management and publishing
      • Manage and control a multistage approval or signoff process
      • Record and management information about your diverse products and stock
      • Searching and records management
      • Bring together budgeting and forecasting activities for the company
      • Securely record Case Notes and Interactions
      • Provide an automated interface between your existing business systems.
      • Recent sales & client activity & Recent profit & sales results
      • Service calls and status
      • Outstanding accounts
      • Tracking against your Budgets

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