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We can help you in Portal Design and building Corporate Intranets/ Extranets

Allied Biztech Solutions’ SharePoint consultants can guide you to the selection of the appropriate SharePoint technology for your organization: Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS). Leverage the power of SharePoint to easily create sites, portals, and extranets to share critical business information. Our SharePoint solutions offer better document management, data transparency, easy-to-use portals, automated workflow processes, improved communications, and a high degree of data security. Our SharePoint consultants can assist you with all phases and all tasks of a SharePoint project whether its a business IT alignment, technical feasibility or implementation. We can provide a complete project team, or participate with your internal project team or fullfil your need to augment the team with an ” sharepoint expert”.

Virtually every company today manages a tremendous volume of data — from sources inside and outside the company. How do you safeguard security and privacy of information in an open environment?


Improve Collaboration – Given today’s business environment, you probably have employees and partners spread out all over the place. Teams that collaborate often work in different locations and time zones. How to you stay efficient and productive? Content Management – Make information accessible, traceable, controlled, and easy to use for individual workers. Communication – Integrate electronic communications such as email, instant messaging, and voicemail in a workflow that is tied to specific job functions. Search – Enable workers to find the information they need in real-time and eliminate the need to re-create resources that already exist. Workflow – Automate processes that accelerate the completion of tasks, and provide selective access to information and resources needed to complete tasks. Calendaring and Scheduling – Eliminate the back-and-forth process of manually identifying participants and seeking schedule approval of resources. Flexible, easy-to-configure security features – Includes global administration of security permissions, as well as worker’s ability to share personal documents and resources on a restricted-access basis. Portals –A single platform with built-in security to integrate systems, applications, resources, and workflows according to logical work descriptions, location of workers, and group permissions. Integration – Make applications and information resources accessible and secure across system boundaries and computing platforms. Allow workers to access and share information according to work processes rather than code or file type.

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