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Product Quality Testing Services

The quality of a product depends not on coding standards, software specifications, version control software or testing tools but on the hands of the people performing analysis, coding, testing and documentation. Quality Assurance process is a complex of project and technical activities that performs verification that a product matches the project requirements and the company standards. In fact, System Testing is one of the most important phases in project execution at Allied Biztech Solutions and our QA engineers pay special attention to the quality of the product before release. Our QA department has 10 full-time engineers with experience from many MNCs and startup companies.

System Testing is performed in the following areas:

This step is about checking an application against the requirements, specifications and company coding standards.

  • Check specification: check existing functionality vs. planned specification
  • Check schedule: Planned scheduling vs. real milestones
  • Check budget: planned resources and budget vs. time spent and invoices issued

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