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We develop SaaS based Cloud Applications

Cloud Computing refers to the infrastructure as well as the delivery model of an application specifically built to run on Cloud. Information Technology is moving toward a service-oriented model. This change is evident in a number of current trends in the IT marketplace: for example, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Software as a Service (SaaS), and the move toward IT as a service business. We develop Cloud Applications that are component-based, making them easier and faster to update and integrate with other applications, and Solutions that provide standards-based integration with existing systems. This makes it easier for the customer to integrate with their legacy systems or other vendor solutions. Our applications run inside customer’s business (on an in-house server or client), may need to run outside their business (at a hosting provider site, for example, or even at the ISV location), or may run at the site of a customer’s supplier, client, or partner (in the case of a B2B application).

Software as a service (SaaS) practice ensure that your software developed is deployed to reach and service multiple customers. While SaaS or hosted solution eliminates the need to download and install the software locally, it goes beyond the traditional realms of product delivery mechanism. Ensuring that everyone, anywhere, and anytime gets an updated version of your product, SaaS has revolutionized the way the Product is deployed and delivered.

SaaS Consulting Services

Supplement your product strategy with additional consulting services to provide the customization and implementation support that traditionally might be bundled with a vertical high-price tag software solution. If you’re going the SaaS route, this could include helping your customers align their infrastructure and business processes to take the best advantage of the service that they are adopting. Our SaaS practice involves right from creating the customer’s business strategy, application design & architecture, product build, deployment, user training and product support.


  • Lower the total cost of development of the product
  • Well-secured, scalable solution allows you to cater to wider customer base
  • Better product support and product enhancement delivery mechanism
  • Reduce the time to market your product to your customers
  • Easy to access, portable and dynamic product
  • It is fast, affordable and easier
  • Customers always gets updated version of your product from anywhere, anytime
  • Integrate, customize and deploy solutions quickly



We Deliver SaaS solutions in following verticals

      • Payroll and Appraisal Management
      • Event Management Solution
      • Customer Relationship Management(CRM)
      • Project Management
      • Knowledge and Document Management
      • Workflow Management
      • E-commerce Solutions
      • Complex Content Management System
      • Bespoke Cloud Application Development


Technology and Platforms

        • Zend Framework
        • ASP.NET with Silverlight
        • Adobe Flex Framework
        • PHP with PostGreSQL Database
        • Java/ JSP with Oracle Database
        • Amazon Elastic Cloud
        • Deploy to Google App Engine
        • Microsoft Axure Cloud
        • Rackspace Cloud Infrustructure


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