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Stock Market News and Advisory Website Developed Using Joomla CMS

In the dynamic world of stock markets, having a strong web presence is essential for stock advisory companies to reach and serve their audience effectively. Allied Biztech partnered with a leading stock advisory firm in India to develop a comprehensive stock market news and advisory website. The objective was to create a self-updating platform with real-time financial charts and essential financial tools, enhancing the user experience and providing timely insights to investors and traders across the globe.


The stock advisory company faced several challenges while envisioning their ideal website. They needed a solution that would seamlessly integrate financial data from various sources and automatically update relevant information. Additionally, they sought to include valuable financial tools like wealth and EMI calculators to enrich user experience and provide practical functionalities.


To address the client’s requirements, Allied Biztech developed a cutting-edge website using the Joomla Content Management System (CMS). The team focused on creating a user-friendly and visually appealing Joomla Template, tailored to suit the stock market industry’s unique needs.

To ensure the website stayed up-to-date with the latest financial information, Allied Biztech designed custom modules within Joomla. These modules efficiently aggregated top-quality content from multiple financial sites via RSS and Atom feeds. By doing so, the website became a one-stop destination for comprehensive stock market news from around the globe.

To further enhance user engagement, Allied Biztech integrated financial tools such as a wealth calculator and an EMI calculator into the website. These tools empowered investors to make informed decisions and provided invaluable assistance in their financial planning.

Additionally, Allied Biztech implemented a Web SMS API, enabling the client to send stock market tips and advisory messages directly to their customers’ mobile phones. The use of priority routing ensured that SMS tips reached the recipients within a remarkable 2 seconds, accompanied by the client’s own brand name. This streamlined communication approach enhanced the overall customer experience, allowing them to capitalize on investment opportunities promptly.


The collaboration with Allied Biztech provided the stock advisory firm with numerous advantages:

  1. Quick Time to Market: Allied Biztech efficiently developed the website, minimizing the time between conceptualization and the platform’s launch. This rapid deployment allowed the client to start serving their audience promptly and gain a competitive edge.
  2. Self-Managed and Self-Updating News Portal: With custom Joomla modules in place, the website became a self-updating platform, requiring minimal manual intervention. This empowered the client to focus on their core operations while maintaining a fresh and current web presence.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Improved:

  1. User Engagement and Satisfaction: The implementation of a user-friendly Joomla Template and the inclusion of real-time financial charts and tools significantly increased user engagement and satisfaction. Visitors to the website found it to be a valuable resource for staying informed about the stock market.
  2. Speed of SMS Delivery: The integration of the Web SMS API allowed the client’s customers to receive stock market tips in an astonishingly short time frame – within 2 seconds. This swift delivery enhanced the customer experience and positioned the client as a reliable and proactive advisory service.
  3. Website Traffic and Retention: The comprehensive stock market news and advisory website attracted more traffic due to its updated and relevant content. Furthermore, the inclusion of financial tools contributed to increased user retention, as visitors found the platform to be a valuable tool for their financial decision-making.

Through Allied Biztech’s expertise in developing a Joomla-based stock market news and advisory website, the client successfully established a robust online presence. The self-updating portal, combined with real-time financial charts and essential tools, allowed the client to serve their audience effectively. Swift SMS delivery of stock market tips further bolstered customer satisfaction. As a result, the client’s website,, became a preferred destination for investors and traders seeking timely and reliable financial information, ultimately contributing to the client’s continued growth and success in the stock advisory industry.

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