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Enhancing Web Identity for Oorja Group – A Successful Partnership with Allied Biztech

Allied Biztech, a leading boutique technology solutions provider, collaborated with Oorja Group, a prominent player in event management, consultancy, and hospitality, to enhance their web identity. By delivering a comprehensive solution that included logo design, website development, and an overall improved web presence, Allied Biztech helped Oorja Group establish a strong digital foothold in their industry.

Client Overview:

Oorja Group is a multifaceted organization with interests in event management, consultancy, and hospitality. As a company focused on providing exceptional services to its clientele, Oorja Group recognized the importance of an engaging web presence that would reflect their brand identity, attract potential clients, and reinforce their position in the market.


When Oorja Group approached Allied Biztech, they faced several challenges regarding their web identity:

  1. Outdated Web Presence: Oorja Group’s existing website lacked a modern design and user-friendly interface, making it difficult for visitors to navigate and engage with the content effectively.

  2. Inconsistent Branding: Oorja Group’s branding elements, such as their logo and color schemes, were not consistent across various marketing materials, leading to a lack of brand recognition.

  3. Limited Web Functionality: The previous website did not fully leverage the potential of web technologies, resulting in reduced user interactivity and limited opportunities for lead generation.


Allied Biztech undertook a comprehensive approach to revamp Oorja Group’s web identity. The solution provided by Allied Biztech included the following key components:

  1. Logo Design: Allied Biztech’s talented design team collaborated closely with Oorja Group to create a unique and memorable logo that truly captured the essence of their business. The new logo reflected the company’s values, aspirations, and professionalism.

  2. Website Design and Development: Allied Biztech’s skilled web developers designed and developed a brand-new website for Oorja Group. The website was tailored to be visually appealing, intuitive to navigate, and optimized for various devices, ensuring an enhanced user experience.

  3. Content Optimization: Allied Biztech conducted a thorough analysis of Oorja Group’s existing content and optimized it to align with the company’s goals and target audience. The content was restructured to be more engaging, informative, and SEO-friendly.

  4. Enhanced User Experience: The new website was designed with a customer-centric approach, providing seamless navigation, quick access to essential information, and improved call-to-action elements to increase user engagement.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Improved:

Through the partnership with Allied Biztech, Oorja Group witnessed significant improvements in key performance indicators, including:

  1. Website Traffic: The revamped website attracted a substantial increase in organic traffic, demonstrating its improved visibility and search engine rankings.

  2. Lead Generation: The enhanced web presence facilitated an increase in lead generation through contact form submissions, email inquiries, and other engagement channels.

  3. Brand Recognition: The consistent branding across all digital assets and marketing materials contributed to heightened brand recognition and brand loyalty among Oorja Group’s target audience.

  4. User Engagement: The user-friendly interface and engaging content resulted in extended average session durations and reduced bounce rates, indicating a higher level of user engagement.

Through a strategic and client-focused approach, Allied Biztech successfully transformed Oorja Group’s web identity, significantly improving their online presence and user experience. By delivering a seamless and visually captivating website along with a distinctive logo, Allied Biztech empowered Oorja Group to establish a stronger foothold in their industry and attract potential clients. This successful collaboration serves as a testament to Allied Biztech’s expertise in delivering value-driven solutions to companies seeking web and mobile projects or dedicated FTE resources.

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