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Implementing Open-Source CRM for a Growing Software Firm: Driving Efficiency and Triple-Digit Growth


A software company headquartered in Maharashtra, India, faced a critical challenge managing its rapidly expanding database of over 30,000 prospects and client contacts.


Their objective was to devise an extremely efficient process to sustain their annual growth rate. Furthermore, they needed to efficiently manage sales lead opportunities sourced from an expanding market database, cold calls, and internet channels.


Understanding their needs, we offered a comprehensive solution that could effectively track their sales leads, prospects, and customer information, while providing secure access to their shared database. The key requirement was an integrated system that could handle their customer growth while remaining secure.


With the open-source CRM system implemented by Allied Biztech, the company was able to track sales leads and prospects effectively, integrating all this information into an easily accessible and shared database. This led to key improvements in their business:

  1. Triple-digit sales growth in the first year: The efficiency brought by the CRM system significantly enhanced their lead management, driving a dramatic increase in sales.
  2. Consistent and sustained growth: Post the initial surge, the growth rate continues to increase steadily, demonstrating the long-term value of our solution.
  3. Improved data accessibility and security: The integrated CRM solution ensured that customer and lead data was not only readily accessible for the sales team, but was also kept secure, fostering trust among their customer base.

These results underline the capabilities of Allied Biztech in implementing effective technology solutions, delivering significant value for clients and driving key business improvements. As a boutique technology firm, we are committed to understanding our clients’ unique needs and delivering tailor-made solutions that bring tangible results.

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