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Enhancing Online Presence with an Interactive 3D Biography for Veteran Tamil Music Composer

Allied Biztech, a boutique web and mobile development company, was approached by the representatives of Sri. S.V.VENKATARAMAN (S V V ), a renowned Tamil music composer and director, to create an online platform to honor his contributions to music and provide a modernized glimpse into his life. The challenge was to develop a real-life-like 3D flipping book that would function seamlessly on any web browser. Allied Biztech’s team of expert Flash and AS3 designers rose to the challenge and crafted an interactive 3D website, resembling an old diary, to showcase the composer’s biography, achievements, and compositions.


The primary goal of the project was to develop a visually appealing and immersive 3D website that would serve as an online biography of Sri. S.V.VENKATARAMAN (S V V ), enabling visitors to explore his musical journey and accomplishments in an engaging and modern manner. The website needed to be compatible with all major web browsers to ensure widespread accessibility.

Key KPIs Improved:

  1. Enhanced User Engagement: The interactive 3D website provided an engaging user experience, capturing visitors’ attention and encouraging them to explore the composer’s life and work in detail. This led to increased time spent on the website, lower bounce rates, and improved user retention.
  2. Positive Industry Reception: The website garnered widespread appreciation and admiration from the entire Tamil film industry. Its unique design and seamless functionality impressed both professionals and music enthusiasts, enhancing the composer’s legacy and reputation.
  3. Cross-Browser Compatibility: Allied Biztech’s team successfully overcame the challenge of ensuring cross-browser compatibility for the 3D website. The site rendered flawlessly on all major web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge, providing a consistent experience to all users regardless of their browser preferences.
  4. Brand Perception and Recognition: By delivering an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly platform, Allied Biztech significantly contributed to improving Sri. S.V.VENKATARAMAN’s (S V V ) online brand perception and recognition. The 3D biography showcased the composer’s work with sophistication and modernity, resonating positively with his audience.
  5. Long-Term Sustainability: The durable and seamless functioning of the 3D website ensured its long-term sustainability, allowing Sri. S.V.VENKATARAMAN’s (S V V ) legacy to be accessible and appreciated by current and future generations of music enthusiasts and professionals.

Allied Biztech successfully met the challenge of creating an innovative 3D biography website for Sri. S.V.VENKATARAMAN (S V V ). By crafting an interactive and visually captivating platform, the company enhanced user engagement, generated positive industry feedback, and solidified the composer’s brand perception. The project’s success demonstrated Allied Biztech’s expertise in developing sophisticated web solutions and its commitment to delivering value to its clients. The 3D biography not only honored the musical legend but also left a lasting impact on visitors, immortalizing his legacy in the digital realm.