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Transforming a Hyderabad based Traditional Restaurant with Utility-Focused Tech Solutions

The client, a well-established and renowned multi-cuisine restaurant in Hyderabad, had never felt the need for a web presence in the past. However, recognizing the importance of embracing technology to streamline their operations and cater to the modern audience, they approached Allied Biztech for a utility-focused tech solution. The primary objective was to create an interactive Android Tablet menu, replacing the conventional paper menus, and integrating it with a centralized table booking and ordering system.


The main challenge for the project was not just creating a standard web presence, but transitioning from traditional paper menus to an innovative Android Tablet interactive menu. The solution needed to offer real-time updates, ensuring that customers had access to the latest menu items and prices seamlessly. Additionally, the integration of the tablet menu with the restaurant’s table booking and ordering system required careful planning and execution.


Allied Biztech devised a comprehensive solution that addressed the client’s unique requirements. The team designed and developed an Android Tablet interactive menu and ordering software. The system allowed the restaurant’s admin panel to “push” real-time updates on menu items and prices directly to the tablets, eliminating the need for printed menus and reprints for changes.

Key Features:

  1. Android Tablet Interactive Menu: The custom-designed tablet menu provided customers with an engaging and interactive experience. It showcased not only the food items and their prices but also included detailed information about how each dish was prepared and its historical significance.
  2. Videos and “Kitchen Tours”: To enhance the dining experience further, Allied Biztech incorporated videos and “kitchen tours” within the Android Tablet menu. These elements offered customers a unique glimpse into the culinary process and the restaurant’s heritage, creating a captivating dining ambiance.
  3. Centralized Booking and Ordering System Integration: The tablet menu seamlessly integrated with the restaurant’s centralized booking and ordering system. This integration allowed customers to place their orders directly through the tablet, streamlining the entire dining process.


  1. Enhanced Customer Experience: With the Android Tablet interactive menu, customers received a novel and engaging way to explore the restaurant’s offerings. The inclusion of videos and historical information added a touch of uniqueness to their dining experience.
  2. Efficient Menu Management: The real-time updates enabled the restaurant to keep the menu current without the need for expensive reprints. This flexibility resulted in significant cost savings and improved menu management.
  3. Image Makeover: The transition from traditional paper menus to cutting-edge technology projected the restaurant as modern, tech-savvy, and forward-thinking. This image makeover attracted a new segment of customers and enhanced the restaurant’s brand perception.

Key KPIs Improved:

  1. Customer Satisfaction: Positive feedback flooded in from customers who appreciated the innovative Android Tablet menu and the engaging dining experience it offered.
  2. Operational Efficiency: The centralized booking and ordering system integration streamlined operations and reduced the time taken to process orders, leading to improved efficiency.
  3. Time to Market: Allied Biztech successfully delivered the custom solution within just 60 days, showcasing the company’s ability to deliver high-quality solutions promptly.

Allied Biztech’s utility-focused tech solution transformed the traditional restaurant into a modern, hightech, and functionally efficient establishment. The Android Tablet interactive menu not only eliminated the need for paper menus but also provided an immersive and informative dining experience to customers. The successful implementation of the solution and the positive feedback received from customers exemplified Allied Biztech’s commitment to delivering unique and innovative solutions for its clients