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Product configurator developed for a Fortune 500 company

Background: ASCO Numatics is a fully owned subsidiary of Emerson, a fortune 500 company. Emerson is a diversified global manufacturing and technology company that provides innovative solutions to customers when it comes to process management, industrial automation and business continuity.

Challenge: To develop a fully self managed product configurator which can be shipped to their clients through DVD as well as available for online access. Fluid control products are very complex in nature and we had a task cut out to show filtered results from 49000 rows of data in a drilldown format!

Solution: We developed a back-end software in C#.NET and Firebird SQL Database, where the marketing team can upload products and its attributes. Once done,  business rules and client specific algorithm and formulas were applied a deployable easy to use drilldown configurator was generated with 1 push of a button.

Benefits: ASCO Numatics can now create and deploy new versions of their product with changing configurations. The client has full control of the software and customers can easily find the right product using the application.

Results: We were happy to deliver the project in time and honor the lengthy contracts of ASCO Numatic. It was very exciting when we got appreciated for our efforts and now we are in talks for taking up new projects with them.